Pocket Card Wedding Invites

Pocket-Card Invitations For The Practical Bride

We know weddings tend to be all about great details and luxury and planning and intricate designs and lots of decoration and etc. But we also know that all those elements can be just too much for some brides, which are more practical. And when it comes to invitations, the same situation occurs: traditional invitations that are like an envelope with a lot of other tiny appendixes inside (which always tend to get lost) can be a little bit overwhelming to these pragmatic women. That’s why there’s a new tendency that’s blending quite well in the invitation market: the pocket-card invitations.

Everything You Need in A Single Presentation!

Of course, the mentioned traditional invitations are beautiful: every piece of paper, fabric or lace is destined to some piece of information with an especially devoted design, all combined in a cute composition. But let’s face it, they’re not practical; they’re really more expensive and use a lot more of paper or material in general, all the separated pieces are most likely to get lost (the address appendix for example) and some times, guests don’t even appreciate the effort. That’s why these pocket style invitations are so trendy right now.

With all the “green” wave and culture on the rise, the save of paper is quite important for a lot of brides nowadays. Also, when it comes to the budget, pocket cards might be much more affordable without taking off in style. And lastly but not less important, pocket cards assure all the information you need in one piece so thing won’t get messy and all your guests will be able to find the address.

Pocket But Not Little!

Of course, when we say pocket-card invitations it might sound like a presentation card with no impressive features. But truth is that when we talk about “pocket” it doesn’t mean a simple little piece of paper, no! It’s all about a single piece of paper, big enough to include all the important information, with a beautiful yet simpler design and the right size to fit your night bag. And worry not, pocket-card invitations can be personalized as you wish with lace details, laser cut borders, letterpress printing and any invitation style you want, but much more practical.

Send A Special Message to Your Special Friends

But Pocket-card invitations are not all about practicality and “just the necessary” information; you can select from many different pocket-card styles (some are simpler and some are more complicated) and there’s always the possibility of sending a special message to all those guests that are so eagerly waiting to see your invitations.

If you’re not sure whether or not the traditional invitations are for you, then you probably should take a look to this pocket style, and if you’re in a budget, it surely saves you a lot in expenses. Contact our experts and we’ll give you all the guidance to select the kind of invitation that suits your personality and wedding style because to be practical, that night is all about you and that’s the only thing that matters!

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