Photo Wedding Invites

Let Them See Your Happiness With Photo Cover Wedding Invitations!

Digital era is here and its print is everywhere, including wedding invitations. Though fancy traditional printed cards are still the most luxurious and elegant styles, more practical or savvy couples definitely tend to choose digital printing as the perfect way to get original, modern and affordable wedding invitations. One of the most requested of these digital options is the photo cover card. Because when you want to show your happiness, one image is worth a thousand words!

Because Your Love Is So Real!

Everywhere you go people tell you how much a beautiful couple you’re, your together-selfies get more likes than any of your pics and every time you’re around, love is simply in the air. That’s a relationship worth showing and photo cover invitations are the perfect way to incentive your guests to accompany you on your special night.

These invitations are quite customizable since they consist in a photo of groom and bride just on the front cover of the invitation card. Everything; the selected photo, the paper, the cut, the printing letters, the colors, literally everything can be chosen especially following the couple’s desires.

The advantage of this kind of invitations is that digital options are much more versatile, easy to combine and personalize since the technique is quite simple, so you can REALLY have the invitations that say “this is my personality”.

Practical And Affordable

If time and budget are an issue for you, then photo cover invitations are also a great deal. The secret of the photo cover practicality is that every detail gets set on the computer and then is printed all at once, in series. This saves a huge amount of time and of course a lot of money in handwork.

The best part is that our services count with the best quality ink, paper, printers and techniques that will guarantee you a premium service and a truly professional finish. “Savvy” does not exclude “classy”! So take your best picture and let your friends appreciate your love!

If you don’t have the picture yet, DON’T WORRY! We have your back with this too! Because we want everything to be perfect for you, and the first look is very important, your picture has to be up to it, be perfect. In that matter, we offer and recommend the professional photographer service to give your invitations an elegant and modern mood while keeping the costs at bay.

A Long-Lasting Memento For Your Family And Friends

Time goes by and memory could be a little bit blurry and even though we know your friends will save the invitation for a long time, photo cover is the perfect way to keep the memories fresh. No matter if your wedding was two days or two years ago, your family and friends will be able to remember your love from the beginning and the happiness in your faces. So, contact us and let’s start creating the practical and savvy invitations that all your guests will forever treasure!

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