LetterPress Wedding Invites

Letterpress, Because You Deserve the Elegance

If thinking about your wedding includes a great and quite luxurious reception where every detail is extremely elegant and delicate, with the uniqueness that characterizes yourself and an excitement that you can actually feel, then your invitations or maybe the whole stationary service HAVE to be in letterpress technique.

Ancient Elegance and Unique Colors for Your Special Night

Letterpress is actually the oldest way of printing. Back in 15th century, when there were no digital images or printers, this way to decorate paper was the only way to do it. Nowadays, this technique has been replaced for the regular print we know and is only used for high-class events like weddings, fine books or any deluxe stationery.

With letterpress invitations, your guests will not only be surprised and excited but also will understand the feelings and the meaning this day has for you and they would be able to embrace the magnitude of this event: the best day of your life!

Besides, the graphics advantages and the uniqueness of your invitations will be trend topic for all your attendants; there’s no other printing style that can achieve the resolution, the colors and the texture are actually tangible. We promise you, you won’t find any graphics-printing or more elegant style in the market.

The Time is Now!

Of course, considering letterpress invitations is ideal for those who are not skipping in expenses for the special occasion, it is important to remember that this kind of handcraft is extremely difficult to perform, with machines that are costly to maintain so the so it is what we call a real luxury but, don’t worry! We know elegance is the main priority for you, so we have the right plan for you. Just think about it: This is the perfect opportunity to have a little lushness because, if it’s not in your best day ever, then when?

As we’ve already mentioned, the sober elegance of this technique permits exquisite and different finish for your invitations that include bas-relief (“high relief”), and really special ink tones that you wouldn’t get digitally, so don’t lose this unique opportunity!

Contact Us For Your Letterpress Wedding Invitation Design

But, some recommendations on your letterpress elegant wedding invitation design are important in order to obtain the expected results, because of the extreme delicacy of the technique. That’s why we offer the best experts in this complicated style so you would have not only the exact invitation you were asking for but also an enriched experience that will guarantee you a perfect match between your invitations and your reception concept.

The most important thing to remember about elegant invitation design in letterpress is that the handwork has a lot more value than a digital one. Also, letterpress style is much less common than other techniques, so your guests surely will be impressed by the quality and magical looks of your invitations, making them a detail to remember.

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