Foil Stamping Wedding Invites

Foil Stamping For Avante-Garde Wedding Invitations!

“Glamour”, that’s the first word most brides think when they have their minds on the wedding day. Everything is not enough for that special night; luxury, beauty, class and the latest fashion tendencies because you deserve it. Of course, the marvelous and stylish dream starts way before the big day, just the day your guests receive the invitations. That’s why your invitations must represent every one of those aspects you’ve so hardly dreamed of. And because “glamour” comes along with “Shiny”, the most luxurious foil-stamped invitations are right the choice for you!

Elegance at Its Shiniest!

If you love shiny stuff and want the most stylish wedding in the world, then obviously Foil-stamp is for you. It doesn’t matter the color of the paper you use, it’s time to be creative! Because as foil-stamping doesn’t print ink but actually a metallic material that “bleeds” over the paper, the color never mixes or gets absorbed by it. This way, the details will always be as bright as ever in any tone you use.

Foil-stamping can come in various styles such as high relief, plain or filling a debossed surface and it all depends on how much texture do you prefer on the invitations. We’ll help you choose the right one for you! And don’t worry about matching colors: foil-stamping comes in a variety of tones that include gold, silver, rose, pearled, matte, glossy, etc.

Let Them All Know You’re A Glamorous Bride!

If surprising your guests with a classy, elegant and glamorous wedding is your goal, then your invitations MUST have foil-stamping, just imagine the look on their faces when they see all that sparkly beautiful details coming out of the envelope, WOW!

Foil-stamped invitations are probably the most luxury and avant-garde technique for printing invitations and it might be a little bit expensive but when you receive the results we promise it will be totally worth it. You’ll be drooling all over that shiny stamping.

The best part of metallic accents is that they really match any wedding theme whether it is simple or pompous, day or night, outdoors or indoors, vintage or really modern; foil-stamping just gives your wedding a shiny elegant touch.

It’s Time to Shine!

If you’re thinking of your wedding day as the most important day of your life, then you definitely need to give it the prestige it deserves. Though letterpress is also a quite classy style, if you’re one searching for the trendiest styles, then it might be TOO classy (vintage, you may say). Instead, foil-stamp wedding invitations are the latest fashion and combine with everything you have in mind. Contact us and we will help you through this process to make sure you finally get the invitations of your dreams and the wedding you’ve always wanted: luxurious and full of GLAMOUR!

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