Fine Lace Wedding Invites

Fine Lace Invitations : The Perfect Vintage Touch For Your Wedding!

Weddings have always been the perfect occasion for pompous style, for luxurious accessories and dreamed decoration and, in that matter, it seems like lace is a crucial part of these ceremonies: classic and antique weddings were all about lace, even though that fashion style has diminished with time and fabrics evolution. Nevertheless, when talking about a classic or even a rustic wedding, lace is one of the details that can’t be skipped in the decoration. Now, if you’re thinking about that kind of wedding, then our fine lace invitations are perfect for you!

Lifestyle Design For You

As we mentioned before, fine lace is now seen as a vintage style and it also represents a quite particular lifestyle. Actually, when talking about wedding invitations there’re two main tendencies that go with lace style: classic weddings and rustic weddings.

Of course, fine lace adapts to any kind of wedding too, there’s no universal law about it but if you go to a rustic wedding or a really classic one, you bet you’ll find this style. Also, when it comes to invitations, lace is the perfect detail to get your friends in the mood.

Your guests will feel the difference as we actually use the lace in order to design the invitations so it would adapt to what you actually want instead of a predesigned invitation which you have to settle to. Also, we have a selection of different fine laces which you can choose from; it doesn’t matter if you like really baroque lace, thick and with lots of flourishes or if you want the thinnest and most delicate one, we design your invitation with the lace that really suits your personality!

Give Your Friends a Touch of Vintage

If classic fine lace or rustic country lace, vintage is sure a feature in your wedding, that’s why it is important to include it in invitations: your friends will feel not only the excitement of your big day but also the comfortable and nostalgic mood that vintage details always create.

Any style you want, we have the right lace invitation for you and our special “fine lace” selection will definitely make you and all your guests feel like the royalty in a great castle or feel the fresh and familiar air of a farm wedding.

Get The Real Deal!

It is very common than fine lacery these days is supplanted by laser cut lace. Laser cut, which is a technique that uses a laser to cut paper, is quite beautiful and definitely brings a special result but it is not real lace. The difference is, of course, the fabric and patterns. Though laser cut can actually achieve quite intricate designs, the fact it is generally made on paper diminishes detail to some point and the texture is obviously quite different.

We offer you the possibility of having real lace of any type for your invitations to be perfect. Just contact us and our experts and professional designer will counsel you on what kind of invitation will suit you. We’ll provide any help you need to choose the right fine lace and the exact combination to achieve that mood you desire!

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