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A Day to Remember : Marrying in Penang

Listed as a UNESCO World Cultural Heritage since 2008, Penang is one of the most beautiful destinations if you’re thinking of a traditional Malaysian wedding. Combining the best of eastern and western worlds, Penang has incredible wild, exotic and tropical landscapes and flora as well as classical preserved architecture while also introducing lots of modern features and touristic places. If you’re thinking of an outdoors wedding, then Penang is probably your perfect place since the state is filled with incredible beaches, gardens, and forests.

Differentiate Yourself with Your Wedding Theme!

Making your big day different from most of the weddings is really possible in Penang, thanks to the variability of spaces and atmospheres that this multicultural state offers. As Penang is highly influenced by Chinese and Indian culture, the Asian touch is, of course, the main attraction; temples, ruins, lost forests and lots of mystical locations. In that matter, Penang is the perfect place for a thematic wedding.

Penang offers beautiful wedding traditions such as the henna tattoo printing in the couple’s hands, and unique exotic possibilities as the inclusion of Rafflesia and Cempe traditional flowers in the centerpieces; a detail that will definitely impress every foreigner guests and probably some local ones too.

But planning this thematic wedding really needs a profound understanding of the Malaysian multicultural traditions and great knowledge about the places, weather, and ideal dates; that’s exactly when our services come in. With a wide experience in the Malaysian thematic wedding plans, we’re prepared to make your exotic wedding dreams come true!

Spice Your Wedding Up with Penang Cuisine!

If you’re a munch pair and your principal enjoyment is food, then Penang is the right place in Malaysia for your wedding. Known as the Malaysian food capital, Penang offers a combination of traditional Chinese, Indian and Malay dishes, creating a kaleidoscope of tastes and smells that will definitely be the main attraction on your wedding. Surprise your guests with the most exotic and mesmerizing dinner and snacks so they will always remember your love in the best way anyone can: with a full belly.

Filled with spicy flavors and with very balanced and healthy ingredients, Penang cuisine will give your special day a unique essence. And, with the combination of marvelous tastes, the incredible flora and the mystic atmosphere, as well as exotic drinks, your guests will be as happy and elevated as you both will be.

Start Planning Your Exotic Dreamed Wedding!

If you’re sure now, then there’s no time to lose, contact us, and let’s start planning your special day for it to be exactly what you’ve always dreamed. Our services include invitations and stationery in general, photo booth, venue selection and every décor detail that you need. Make your appointment and enjoy our unique and personalized service with experts that actually care about your needs and will develop enough connection with the couple to understand and customize every feature of your wedding in Penang. The result will be the best day of your life, what are you waiting for?

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