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Your Wedding in Melaka: A Day that Transcends Time

Declared as UNESCO world’s heritage in 2008, Melaka is another one of those magical places in Malaysia where celebrating your wedding is an incredible adventure. Joint together in complete peace and harmony, Chinese, Muslim, Hindu and European cultures coexist in this city which is, of course, one of the principal destinations in Malaysia and is really nearby Kuala Lumpur and Singapore.

What is most amazing from this place is that after years of colonization by different cultures, Melaka achieved to create some kind of time loophole where all the customs and traditions of those cultures survive along with modernity. The mixture is so harmonic you can actually feel a timeless atmosphere, just like what you want your special day to feel like: time transcending.

Featuring: The Lovely Couple!

We want your wedding in Melaka to be something totally outside from the normal celebrations. That’s why we offer the possibility of planning your wedding in the way you prefer the most: if it is a Chinese traditional wedding in some garden outside a temple, or if it is a Hindu or Muslim traditional wedding with every ritual, or if you want a time-transcending mix where you can enjoy the best of every culture: we are prepared to guide you assist you and offer every service for your day to be unforgettable.

As we know you want this ceremony to be perfect, we concentrate on the lovely couple so the service will actually “serve” to what fill all your expectations and make sure your day is as exciting and magical as you wish and not a planning nightmare.

Since Melaka is one of the best places in Malaysia in food affairs (just after Penang), we guarantee that your special day will fill everybody’s heart as much as their belly and, if you’re not really certain of what dishes to select, we’ll guide you through this spectacular culinary experience. And, if you’re vegetarian, GOOD NEWS! Melaka food is full of veggie only plates, thanks to the multicultural participation where Sikh traditions are quite representative.

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If you’re looking for a place like Melaka where time comes together and it seems to stop, then we have every solution you need. With our experts in Malaysia weddings, we offer a complete cultural and geographical understanding of both the place and the ways to do things, as well as contacts for any service you would like.

We offer, the complete organization plan where we can guide you through the venue selection, the menu preparation, centerpieces and arrangements with the most beautiful and exotic national flowers and of course we include every décor detail as all the stationery, tables, cake, wedding march and even invitations. Don’t hesitate and CONTACT US for the ideal wedding plan that will definitely let you enjoy your ceremony as if you were in space frozen in time, we guarantee you’ll be as happy as you can be, with no worries at all.

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