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Your Fabulous and Trendy Wedding is Possible in Kuala Lumpur

When talking about wedding trends and fabulous location, it is impossible to miss Kuala Lumpur. Kuala Lumpur is one of the best locations for weddings. This beautiful city which is the capital of Malaysia, was originally carved out of the pure jungle and is the perfect combination between a really modern, technologic place, and a traditional Asian, historic destination. But it’s not only its great multiculturalism (Chinese, Malaysian and Indian), incredible monuments and landscapes what makes this city so appealing: Kuala Lumpur gentle culture, delightful gastronomy and amazing aromas are the perfect complements to fill your wedding with the most mystical and romantic atmosphere.

Make Your Big Day Fabulous

One of the most important characteristics of Kuala Lumpur multiculturalism is the flashy combination of colors, exotic flora and mesmerizing fragrances and flavors. It doesn’t matter if you selected Kuala Lumpur because of its traditional enchants or if you’re more of a technologic person seeking to have an ultimate new age wedding; neither matters if you want a great celebration or an intimate shower; daytime or nighttime… Whatever is your idea of a most fabulous wedding, you’ll find the right combination of details and the perfect wedding decoration in Kuala Lumpur.

Modern Trends, Inspired Daily

From the most luxury hotels like the Ritz-Carlton that would guarantee you a movie-like wedding, to the affordable and serene backdrop Lakesight where you can have a stylish and intimate ceremony without spending so much, every decoration follows the ultimate trends: nude or metal cakes, colorful or silver ornaments, natural and bright flowers or artificial new age arrangements, etc. are available to make your special day simply the way you dreamed it.

But if you’re a little bit more out of the traditional receptions, then Kuala Lumpur wedding trends are for you: if you like a more “natural” environment, garden weddings are one of the most wanted soirées since those gardens are precisely a historical tradition of every culture this city embraces. Also, if you’re worried about the weather, but still want an amazing “green” celebration, other popular trends in KL are the “indoor gardens” where you can experience all the natural inspiration, aroma and atmosphere without the inclemency of nature threatening your big day.

For more adventurous brides there’s also the possibility of marrying in one of the biggest skyscrapers in the city: The Menara KL tower. Celebrate your special day at 421 mts above the ground. And if you’re so much into this windy weddings, then the Air Park might be an option for you, can you imagine arriving at your own marriage ceremony in a plane or helicopter?

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Our agency has the capability of meeting all your needs, no matter how big or how budgeted your dreamed ceremony is, we offer all the wedding services in Kuala Lumpur to grant that the atmosphere and the mood you desire so much comes to life. You’re only one call away from the perfect night (or day) and we guarantee you that Kuala Lumpur will become a city that will always awake the best memories of your life.

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