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Have The Exotic Wedding You’ve Always Dreamed in Johor!

Johor is one of the largest and most populous States in Malaysia. Nevertheless, this state is known as a growing economic power and it’s less visited than others since the activities practiced there are almost always industrial. But, for those who know Johor al little better, the state hides a lot of spectacular places that can become that exotic mood you’ve always desired for your wedding.

With wild virgin jungles that house all kind of flora and fauna and an archipelago with most beautiful sand islands, Johor is definitely a place to think of if you want an outstanding wedding without the entire crowd that most popular destinations in Malaysia have. Johor is the perfect place for intimate weddings!

Dare Yourself to Discover the Best Day of Your Life

Even though Johor is mostly skipped when doing a regular touristic route, we definitely know how to explore the place; our experts will guide you through the best spots and attractions to make your wedding that one your friends will never forget.

It doesn’t matter if you prefer a beach wedding in the whitest sands of Seribuat Archipelago islands to discover one of its lost shores; or if you want a more tropical and traditional atmosphere at Endau-Rompin National park where you can share the exotic fauna and traditional shows like swashbuckling performances. We offer the right service to accomplish the night of your dreams.

Services that Exceed Your Expectations

It can be a little bit difficult to be chill about your wedding in Johor because it is possible that arrangements can be more complicated since this is a less visited area of Malaysia. But worry not! Our special services will definitely make you forget any complications and give you de freedom to enjoy every preparation for your special day/night.

With access to the best hotels either for the most budget couples and the most luxurious ones; the night of your life will be highly over your expectations: specialist in exotic décor, the best traditional gastronomy, and all the protocol personnel to maintain everything going perfectly. We’ll assure you’ll feel like there are no worries in the world but to enjoy your beautiful wedding!

But services don’t end there: any detail you need to check or cover will be attended by our personnel and we can totally advise you in the matter of photo book, stationery and invitation services, cutlery service and anything you need to make this date the best of your life.

Contact Us For the Most Amazing Experience of Your Life

If you’re thinking of Johor as your dreamed destination or if you want to learn more about why Johor is a perfect place for your wedding, do not hesitate to call us! We’ll offer general counsel and personal attention for the bride to feel elevated and all the elegance for those who always ask for more. Also, our services include a complete guide to budget weddings for those who want to offer a different ceremony without spending too much (as it’s less visited, Johor offers one of the best economy options in weddings on Malaysia).

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