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Your Modern Party in Sabah : Photo Booth and Backdrops

Known for its beauty, Borneo’s landscapes have featured lots of movies and artistic works that are proof of its unspeakable magic. Alongside with lots of incredible beaches, white sand, natural reservations and incredible landscapes, the humanely and hospitality on the island is remarkable and you’ll feel pampered all the time. That’s why Sabah has become one of the most popular destinations in Malaysia for any kind of celebrations: birthdays, weddings, anniversaries, etc. If it is really a special occasion then Sabah is the right place to celebrate it. And to remember all the love you and your friends shared in that event, a photo booth is the perfect memento for your party in Sabah.

Modern Event Styling and Entertaining

Even though photo booth idea of the box where you take a series of instant pictures is an old-school attraction, the modern concept couldn’t be less antique: backdrops, messages, and other accessories come from the filters we find in social networks such as Instagram and Snapchat and are an increasing wave when talking about modern event planning.

As Sabah’s popularity grows in the matter of entertainment, the need for new and fresh party concepts is invading the market. If you want to have a party in Sabah that would be state-of-the-art, then the photo booth concept is perfect for you. Not only it is suitable for all ages but also fits any thematic you want to choose for your special occasion: vintage, luxurious, kid’s, etc the right photo booth service will give to your friends a unique experience in Sabah and will also result in a lot of funny pictures to remember the celebration and enjoy every detail you might have missed about your guests.

Remember It Always As It Has Been Yesterday

What we like most about the photo booth is that, unlike posed pictures that tend to get cold with time, this technique usually promotes people’s spontaneity and a natural way to express their happiness. The result, then, is a photo session loaded with a strong emotional charge as faces and situation will feel effortless even when your friend is making that horrible crazy face because you know it all comes from the very experience your guests are having instead of a fake smile.

The best part is that those feeling will last as long as you keep the photos, which you can get in both physical a digital format. And of course, you can maintain the mood alive for weeks by sharing the photos in your social networks day by day.

Contact Us And Set the Perfect Celebration In Sabah

Our photo booth services are available for any celebration in Sabah with a complete management of the area, costs, transport, etc. Your only goal when talking about party pictures will be to register the landscapes and décor since your guests will be sharing all their love with you with the instant pictures they’ll get in your photo booth. Get closer to your friends and be a little bit crazy together, that’s a memory that you will cherish your entire life!

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