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Photo Booth on Your Kuala Lumpur’s Wedding

Kuala Lumpur is definitely one of the most wanted locations when it comes to weddings in Malaysia. The capital of the country, this beautiful city, emerged in the middle of the pure jungle and is the perfect combination between a really modern, technologic places, and traditional Asian, historical landscapes, and monuments, this offers the possibility of having excellent pictures. That’s why Kuala Lumpur is the perfect location to make a great photobooth session as a memento of your wedding.

Entertainment and Memories

It is actually quite difficult for the party photographer to actually portrait every guest in the celebration, especially when it comes to big weddings with hundreds of attendants. Nevertheless, the memento issue can be also covered by the own guests with a photobooth shooting; as your friends have fun taking original pictures that they can actually take home with them, you get a unique guest’s book for remembering all the fun you all had that day.

Age Is Not An Issue With the Photo Booth!

Maybe one of the best parts of having a photobooth on your Kuala Lumpur’s wedding is that it can be themed according to your wedding concept and it is suitable for all ages. Kids especially enjoy having this little “funny faces” session. But it is also perfect for all your friends and family, including the elderly, the only thing that your guests need to participate in the photobooth is to share all the happiness you have and express it out!

They’ll Be Talking About It Long After

Our photobooth sessions are meant to be not only a way to remember all the guests and all the fun you all had, but are also a part of the wedding décor and entertainment. That’s why they’re planned as an equally important part of the wedding as any other can be. We guarantee your guests will be talking and laughing about all the crazy faces the put on the photobooth session, even long after the wedding. And, just imagine how beautiful pictures will be if you know the perfect Kuala Lumpur spots to take the pictures (don’t worry, we have that covered!)

Creative and Original Favors

We all know it is customary to give guests a tiny box with almonds as a souvenir of the wedding. But if you’re thinking about a better way to let your friends remember your big day, photobooth is definitely a much more significant manner. They can actually mark it and put it at home and they will always remember (as they’ll see it in their very faces) all the fun they had in your wedding.

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