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Photo Booth : The Best Way to Make Your Wedding Unforgettable

From some time now, photo booth sessions are one of the most wanted services for weddings. With the rise of social networks, everything is about pictures and photobooth is a particularly funny way to obtain all those memories from your big day. With this service, everyone can be as expressive as they want and also, the set can be designed according to the concept your wedding is being planned. The best part is that you can have a visual record of how much fun you and your friends had that special night!

Memento of Experiences

Most of the time it is hard for the couple and even the guests to remember all the beautiful moments they spent together, but when you create a visual register of experiences, memories will always be fresh. The service consists – depending on what the couple wants – in a backdrop set with probably some funny widgets as hats, giant glasses, humorous posters, chaplets, etc. In this space, people take a short series of 4-5 pictures and the idea is to have funny scenes in every pic so the couple and the guests can laugh about it later.

Style Me Pretty!

The photobooth is quite variable and options include automatic photo booth machines which automatically print the pictures and sometimes count with digital features. Also, the set can be taken live by an actual photographer. As both have their advantages, having a live photographer photo booth can actually work as style guidance: take the best pictures of your life and be as stylish as you love, with the advice of a professional photographer. Your wedding memento as pretty as your entire wedding décor!

Theme It According to Your Wedding Style

The best part of photo booth is that you can actually have the theme you prefer for the shoot: it doesn’t matter if it is a really traditional Malay wedding where your session is old-style and quite serious, or if it’s a contemporary wedding when the social network signs and “emojis” are the top attraction, photo booth is the best way to remember the very essence of what your big day was.

Theming your photobooth also gives to your guests’ books a great personality since the originality of the pictures comes from guest participation and, after some drinks, that participation can be really funny!

Malay Language

As we are specialists in planning your Malay wedding, of course, every one of our services are available in the Malay language with experts in communicating with other languages too. The idea is to make your experience as comfortable as you need so the memento of your big day can express exactly what you wanted. Posters and messages on your photobooth can, of course, be in Malay too, and we guarantee this will be a really fun experience for you and all your friends, achieving excellent results in covering your big day with really beautiful professional pictures. Make your wedding unforgettable!

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